Properties For Sale Sans Souci

by Nick Papadopoulos

DJW Suggests Tips for Selling your Property for Sale at Sans Souci at Best Possible Price

As a homeowner wanting to sell your home at Sans Souci, you would probably be wondering what you should do in order to get the best possible price for your properties for sale in Sans Souci. DJW Property, a well-known real estate agency in Sans Souci and in the other parts of Australia suggests the following tips that home sellers can do in order to get the highest price for their property.

Tips to Get the Best Price for Your Property for Sale at Sans Souci

Here are a few tips from DJW Property:

  • Price it correctly. In any transaction, credibility is important. If your property is priced reasonably, then it will attract the right buyers. The agents at DJW Property are seasoned real estate agentsĀ in the Sans Souci area and its neighboring suburbs in Sydney. Having been in the real estate market for a long time, they are in the better position to know the prices of different kinds of properties and can give a reasonable and accurate price for your home.While having the right price tag will attract more buyers, the idea of pricing the house incorrectly and unreasonably can really cost the home seller a lot. Overpricing entails difficulty to find many takers giving you a hard time disposing the property while underpricing will also lower the returns.
  • Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Pose as a homebuyer and check ‘open houses’ and site tours so that you can see the various properties for sale in Sans Souci. These houses are not the same as yours but you will probably find something that is similar to your property for sale in Sans Souci. Among the factors that affect the price are the design, size, and most of all, its proximity to the stores, groceries, schools, offices, churches, or other infrastructure and connectivity.
  • Give a discount. Homebuyers tend to take a look and consider houses that have been discounted. Keep the original price but with a discount, the asking price is lower than the competition.
  • Organise an ‘open house’. Invite potential buyers to view your property and see their reaction in the first month. No offer means the price might be a little bit high and they don’t find it reasonable. Once you have an open house and want to know how it goes and wonder about the possible reasons nobody seems interested, you can always ask your DJW Property agent for the possible reasons and help you go through some advice and suggestions.
  • Determine the price you want. After consulting your DJW agent, decide on the price you want and how much are you willing to spend to improve your house just to get that price. Your DJW Property real estate agent may suggest that you do some repairs and renovate your home. First impression lasts and it is very important to show a pleasant and homely atmosphere when they see your house. Paint your house to make it look clean and new. If its original color is dark, it is probably time to use lighter color so that the house looks brighter and bigger. Remove some of the furniture and things so that it looks clean, tidy and spacious. Ask the help of a professional to do some ‘home staging’ to enhance your house and prepare it for sale.
  • Advertise effectively. With the help of the real estate agents of DJW Property, your properties for sale in Sans Souci should be advertised and promoted in the most effective methods. Social media has helped a lot in spreading both good and bad news within people who know each other. Start spreading the news of your house for sale in your Facebook or other social media sites. One of the best ways to advertise your property is to post it as a property for sale in Sans Souci in popular real estate websites and get interested buyers from all over the world. DJW Property has an online portal that can be easily searched online.
  • Paperwork. Keep in handy all the papers and documents used from the start until the completed sale. DJW agents are seasoned realtors and they can remind you to keep the documents. They might even do it for you if it is necessary for the selling process.

Although you can personally sell your property in Sans Souci, it is advisable to consult and hire the services of a professional and licensed real estate agent to reduce chances of failure which includes selling the house at a very low price resulting in a huge loss on your part.