Find the perfect Waterfront Property In Kangaroo Point

by Nick Papadopoulos

Find the Perfect Waterfront Property Investment: Explore Houses for Sale in Kangaroo Point

Areas like Kangaroo Point and Sylvania Waters are popular spots for vacationers visiting the Sydney area. It’s not difficult to see why that is: these suburban spots offer a huge amount of waterfront properties, with hundreds of homes and vacation rentals situated on or near the shores of the shimmering Georges River. Located just a half an hour from the city by car, these waterfront communities are also conveniently located for travellers wishing to see the Sydney sites.

The Kangaroo Point and Sylvania Waters areas are ripe for profitable real estate investing opportunities. If you are interested in earning a steady income from an investment property or two, DJW Property can help. We have a vast knowledge of the property for sale in Kangaroo Point, Sylvania and Sylvania Waters. If you are thinking of purchasing a home in one of these areas and renting it out to vacationers, we can help you find something that fits your budget and overall property expectations.

Let Us Put Our Database to Work for You

For more than ten years, DJW Property has been the number one real estate agency in the Sylvania Waters marketplace. We’ve achieved this superlative thanks largely to the talents of our team, which constitutes 80 years of combined experience and a plethora of real estate industry wisdom. We also operate an exclusive property database and can tap an extensive referral market to help our clients. Whether you are buying or selling, you can trust us to take ownership of your transaction from first note to last.

If an investment property is what you are after, contact us, and we will start looking through our database on your behalf. Our database consists not only of houses for sale in Kangaroo Point and Sylvania Waters but also of properties in other nearby communities like Taren Point, Blakehurst, Sans Souci, and Kareela. If you are attracted to the high-end waterfront property of Kangaroo Point and Sylvania Waters, then looking in any of these other communities might be worthwhile.

Between our in-house property database and our referral market, we are well positioned to help you find the perfect investment property. Of course, your investment goals, your budget, and your personal property preferences will drive our search. Do you want to buy a property with the goal of fixing it up and selling it for a higher price, or are you most interested in using your investment property as a rental? How much are you willing or able to spend? What property features would you like to offer potential renters or tenants? Answering these questions will help our team at DJW Property narrow our search, thereby giving us a higher chance of finding the perfect property for sale in Kangaroo Point or other nearby communities.

Learn More about Kangaroo Point Property for Sale

From Kangaroo Point property for sale to the latest listings in Blakehurst, DJW Property is the real estate agency to trust for all waterfront property matters in Sylvania Waters. Our goal is to help you find an investment property that delivers a huge ROI while also fitting into your budget range. To learn more about what we can do for you, give us a call on +61 2 9544 9688.