Buying A Deep Waterfront Property

by Nick Papadopoulos

Buying a Deep Waterfront Property

Sylvania Waters: Waterfront living at its best

Sylvania Waters is Australia’s premier waterfront suburb. With over 350 deep-water properties to choose from, Sylvania Waters offers an unparalleled lifestyle, with unmatched sea views and water access direct from your back door. Sylvania Waters is a high-demand suburb, which requires local knowledge and a specialist approach.

Sylvania Waters: good to know
With completely flat waterfrontage for every property, all waterfront residents are able to moor at their backdoor without paying annual mooring fees or permissive occupancy payable. Sylvania Waters Ltd owns all the waterways and a one-off joining fee means all the administration and general maintenance on the waterfront jetties is taken care of, for the duration for your ownership.

Sylvania Waterways Ltd requires a $5,000 one-off life payment which secures your share in the company. As long as you are in compliance with Sylvania Waters ltd, you will only be required to pay an additional $4,000 license fee for your mooring facility, bringing the total to $9,000.00. This fee is not transferable between property owners. When you sell your property you will then forfeit your share and the purchasing party will have to make a $5,000 one off life payment to secure their share, and this of course, must be paid before using the waterfront mooring facilities.

The website of Sylvania Waterways Ltd explains in greater detail the services provided and function of the company, all application forms regarding shares and deep water mooring facilities, as well as guidelines applicable to the private waterways.

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