Seven Tips in Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent in Kareela

by Nick Papadopoulos

Seven Tips in Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent in Kareela

 Kareela is a leafy, peninsula suburb in Oyster Bay and it is located in the southern part of the Sutherland Shire. It is the home of wealthy residents with homes overlooking the popular establishments such as the Kareela Golf course and the Golf Club bistro. Some of these houses have water views while others have tidal water frontages.

Many people want to own properties in Kareela and are searching for the right real estate agent in the place to help them find the house that suits their needs and desires. Here are a few tips that can help homebuyers in choosing the right real estate agent in Kareela.

How to Pick the Right Real Estate Agent

 The following tips apply to those who are planning to sell their homes as well as those who are planning to buy a new residence in Kareela.

1. Check on the license. Ask the real estate agent’s license to develop trust and credibility in the agency or agent. Check Kareela’s regulatory body for the status of the person’s license and make sure there are no disciplinary complaints. DJW Property is a licensed agency with professional real estate agents with proven track record of over a decade in the real estate business.

2.Ask for clients’ list. Ask the realtor of his previous clients’ contact details and ask about their experiences with the agent as well as the real estate agency. However, if the agent is recommended by a close friend or relative of yours, there is probably no need to ask for this list.

3.Choose a winner. Some agencies and agents have won designation awards in their fields and this is a big plus. Peer-given awards as well as those given by reputable institutions can be considered as a plus and assure the client that the agency is a winner.

4.Select the agent with the right credentials. Choose a real estate agent in Kareela that has the right training and who is best suited to handle your case. Among the specialties and designations of real estate agents in Australia are the following:

  • NSW Real Estate Licensing Program – to become a fully licensed real estate agent in NSW.
  • Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) (VIC) – for residents in Victoria.
  • QLD Real Estate Licensing Program – allows those who complete the course to apply for a real estate agent’s license in Queensland.

5.Agent’s personality. Real estate agents should be clearly interested in meeting the needs of their clients. It is not enough that they are able to find a buyer for your home in the shortest time possible but it is equally important that they are able to meet your actual requirements and that they don’t impose their own choice over yours. DJW Property realtors are trained professionals with positive mindset, expertise in real estate, and commitment to the job. They are also honest and open to a realistic dialogue about their client’s situation and the market.

6.Full support. Find an agency that can provide all the documents you need to prove that they are the best in the market. DJW real estate agents in Kareela are always prepared to show documents such as recent market sales and appraisal data in Kareela. They can also advice you on how you can best present your property to ensure the best price possible. DJW realtors will own the transaction giving you a peace of mind.

7.Length of experience
. Research how long the business has been in operation. DJW Property has been operating for more than a century of combined real estate experience and currently expanding its services to the entire Sydney. Checking on the agency’s market presence is essential in choosing the right real estate agent in Kareela.

Once you have decided the right real estate agent, ensure that you both draw a written agreement that contains the services to be rendered as well as the estimate of the fees, charges and expenses so that you know how much to prepare when the property is sold.

The agency usually prepares the agreement. Read it properly and carefully to clarify things that you are unsure of. Seek the lawyer for advice before signing. Make sure the agreement includes the provisions that you want to be considered.

DJW Property and its real estate agents in Kareela can give you all the support that you need when you decide to sell your home or buy a new property in Kareela.