How DJW Property Can Help You Achieve the Best Price of Your Propery

An ideal situation for a real estate seller would be a market with his properties being sold very quickly at very less discount. However, there are factors that affect the selling price of real estate. One of these is the fact that during winter months, there are fewer buyers. Read more to find out the factors affecting the selling price of properties as shared by the DJW Property agents so that you will achieve the best price for your properties for sale in Taren Point.

How to Get the Best Price of Properties for Sale in Taren Point

  1. Consider the timing, presentation and advertising. Since winter season is not the right time to sell and buy houses, it is not advisable to post properties for sale in Taren Point during this season. Accordingly, you don’t waste your time advertising them during this winter months. Your presentation and advertisement will have more responses from interested buyers if posted during non-winter season. DJW agents know when is the perfect timing to promote and advertise certain types of houses.
  2. Effective real estate agents shop around to ‘interview’ other selling agents to learn from them. Once in a while, consult a professional to assist you to understand the market and the potential buyer’s interest as well as the best selling price that you can offer. DJW have the qualifications as well as the experience to provide advice related to your home for sale.
  3. Find another agent if your listing is sitting for a long time. If you find an agent who can offer the highest price but he is putting your properties for sale in Taren Point for a long time with less chances of being sold, find another agent who might be better at selling it at a realistic price.
  4. Attend ‘open houses’ and learn from them. Research on similar or related properties. Note down the relevant ideas that appeal to you and determine how you can use it to your advantage in your presentation. At DJW Property, the agents will gladly assist you in your ‘open houses’.
  5. Ensure the front is attractive. Since first impressions can greatly affect the buyer’s choice, ensure that the front view is attractive with clean and tidy lawn that is free from weeds and garbage. Ensure the bins are tucked away.
  6. Interior should be free from clutter. The fewer items you have inside the house, the better display you can show the buyer. De-clutter the shelves, cupboards, trays, etc. Clean up the place free from dirt and dust them off. Ensure there is no bad smell around. The bathroom and kitchen should be sparklingly clean because this part of the house is a big factor to make or break a sale.
  7. Hide excess wiring or pipes. Repairs and upgrades should not show excess wire or pipe after plumbing.
  8. Complete any cost-effective repairs and show the buyer that they need not worry too much about the house as it is ready for occupancy.
  9. Color the house light to make it bright. Light color is cooling to the eyes and improves the room’s lighting whereas dark colors can make the rooms appear dark.
  10. Improve your property. Taren Point is a home for wealthy families. Ensure that your house or property is compatible with their choice of property. These people can afford to buy the house they want. Add value to your properties for sale in Taren Point by renovating or adjusting the houses to suit their demands.

Taren Point Market Statistics

Taren Point in New South Wales, Australia is home to many affluent families and people in the country. It has a high demand market at around 2,616 visits per property calculated according to the supply and demand data for the period May 1, 2015 to April 30, 2016. The people of Taren Point are composed of 25.3% elderly couples, 19.7% elderly singles, and 13.1% older couples and families.

If you are one of those buyers who need a real estate company that has a proven track record in the industry, check DJW Property and consult one of their agents as you go through the properties for sale in Taren Point. The company has over 15 years of experience in the real estate market and their agents are experts at what they do.